WikiCurve Launch with Fairfax Media

WikiCurve Launch with Fairfax Media

Should the Australian Government deciminalise drugs? On Monday 21 May, Futureye and Fairfax will be launching the WikiCurve to explore the community’s views on drug law reform. It’s an exciting initiative that aims to show how past events have impacted current thinking about an issue and how people can use digital tools to affect decision makers.

Drug law reform is an incredibly contentious issue at the moment. A recent call for decriminalisation by the Australia21 roundtable made up of distinguished current and former politicians, medical professionals and drug reform campaigners has propelled the issue back onto the political agenda.

Thanks to the work of Australia21, we now know what the experts think. But what is the public thinking?

WikiCurve presents a unique opportunity for Futureye to demonstrate to the Australian public the difference between the technical side of an issue (known as “hazard”) and the emotional side of an issue (known as “outrage”).

In this case, the expert opinion is the factual representation of events that have influenced the drug law reform debate in Australia. What the WikiCurve will show is how the public perceives those events and how views on the issue have been shaped over time.

We’ve already begun to form the WikiCurve on the drugs debate, but it’s only a start. It will be up to Fairfax audiences across the country to finish the job over the next two weeks.