What we do

Futureye understands community concerns, as well as business imperatives. Through our unique and documented systems of research and analysis, we provide solutions that work for organisations and their stakeholders.

We help organisations align their values and operations to build their social licence in a rapidly changing world.

We work closely with your organisation to understand your unique context and develop tailored solutions.

“We chose Futureye because we were serious about needing to change. We didn’t want stock standard.”

Katherine Winchester, CEO Northern Territory Seafood Council

Understand what people think of you

We understand what triggers outrage.

We analyse what your critics believe and how this impacts your organisation.

We assess how issues develop and how society responds – our WikiCurve maps societal responses over time as issues emerge and develop. This detailed information informs the solutions we provide.

Change conversations to build trust

Our research and community and stakeholder engagement tools help you understand what people are thinking and how they are likely to react.

We help you re-frame conversations for a more positive outcome. Our risk communications and crisis management techniques work to reduce anger and build trust with honesty and transparency.

Tools like the OurSay platform let us reach and analyse vast communities digitally.

We help build capacity to drive change internally.

Stay ahead of the curve

We predict changes in social expectations.

Our training and toolkits increase organisational capacity to earn and maintain a social licence to operate.

We design innovative and tailored strategies that position the organisation to manage risks and capture opportunities.