Susan Benedyka

We have a talented team of problem solvers who are delivery and results oriented, accountable, partnership-oriented, innovative, enterprising and committed to clients’ needs.

Our skills include: risk and crisis management and communication, community and stakeholder engagement, change management, proactive issues management, sustainability, biodiversity, corporate responsibility, futures analysis, psychology, sociology, media and human rights.

We’ve worked in many fields including: banking, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, media, agriculture and aquaculture, international relations, government and NGOs.

Susan Benedyka

Victoria, Australia

In line with Futureye’s mission and processes, Susan’s great strength is the way in which she uses her highly developed communication and facilitation skills to enable other people’s visions to become reality. She has often dealt with highly controversial and potentially inflammatory issues, designing forums to allow constructive engagement between all parties.
She has high-level strategic planning and project management skills, as well as strong community consultation and engagement expertise and a recognised ability to work with clients to design fit-for-purpose solutions that result in the creation of positive futures. Susan is also very well regarded for her ability to facilitate workshops and engage with businesses, organisations and communities.
Susan’s experience also includes being a CEO of a regional city’s development corporation and as a Business Manager for NSW State and Regional Development. She is an experienced Director and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her Board experience includes the Telstra Foundation, North East Regional Water Authority, North East Catchment Management Authority, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and National Rural Women’s Advisory Group. Susan also chaired the establishment of the Charles Sturt University Dubbo Campus. Susan is recognised by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Learning Professionals.