Marie-Nour Negenman

We have a talented team of problem solvers who are delivery and results oriented, accountable, partnership-oriented, innovative, enterprising and committed to clients’ needs.

Our skills include: risk and crisis management and communication, community and stakeholder engagement, change management, proactive issues management, sustainability, biodiversity, corporate responsibility, futures analysis, psychology, sociology, media and human rights.

We’ve worked in many fields including: banking, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, media, agriculture and aquaculture, international relations, government and NGOs.

Marie-Nour Negenman

Senior Consultant

Marie-Nour understands how positive social and environmental outcomes can improve the profits of businesses and, through collaboration, how these strategies can ensure the ongoing sustainability of business. She brings to Futureye broad experience and in-depth knowledge of business and community relationships and works closely with clients to help their increased engagement with community bring stability and sustainability to business.

Marie-Nour has an international background, growing up in the Netherlands, Mozambique and Yemen and completing internships in Nicaragua and South Africa. She has also studied in the United Kingdom. She previously worked at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in private sector climate finance, collaborating with the private sector to overcome barriers for investment in climate-related projects in developing countries. She has also worked for a major Dutch law firm on energy and other issues critical to society. At Futureye she has been involved in projects on problem gambling, animal welfare, animal medicines and renewable energy.

Her international experience broadens the perspectives that Futureye brings to clients and her qualifications include: BSc, International Business Administration, MA Law, Development and Globalisation as well as a Master’s Degree in International Development.