Katherine Teh

We have a talented team of problem solvers who are delivery and results oriented, accountable, partnership-oriented, innovative, enterprising and committed to clients’ needs.

Our skills include: risk and crisis management and communication, community and stakeholder engagement, change management, proactive issues management, sustainability, biodiversity, corporate responsibility, futures analysis, psychology, sociology, media and human rights.

We’ve worked in many fields including: banking, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, media, agriculture and aquaculture, international relations, government and NGOs.

Katherine Teh

Managing Director

Katherine has a deep understanding of and connection with the way a community thinks, and the essence of community expectations.

This knowledge led her to develop a unique methodology that, in this new era of instantaneous communication, assists businesses and organisations to access, plan for, and deal with rapidly changing community beliefs and trust.

In 2002 she founded Futureye, providing market research and innovative solutions for the development and management of public policy, risk communication, strategic planning, dealing with change and community expectations.

Katherine’s unique social licence to operate methodology and revelatory problem-solving systems of analysis are successful. These processes have helped organisations that are facing shifting community beliefs and confidence, and rapid, transitory communications.

Futureye has successfully improved the corporate responsibility of and, importantly, the perception of corporate responsibility for a broad range of industries, including: food, water, energy, mining and pharmaceuticals. Katherine and her team have worked at many and varied levels, from worksites, to national and international supply chains, helping organisations and businesses identify and deal with outrage triggers, and competently handle the challenges of reputation, sustainable development, political ramifications, regulatory threat and technical complications.

Katherine’s initiative and foresight, as well as the success of her clients, has seen Futureye expand beyond Australia, with projects across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

As part of Futureye’s objective to engage society on complex policy issues, Katherine founded the WikiCurve, which is a platform for digital two-way engagement on science, society and values.

Katherine is committed to community. She is the Chair of Monash University’s Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and is on the advisory committee of the Research Unit in Public Cultures at the University of Melbourne. She is Women’s Honour Role Ambassador for the Victorian Government and on the board of NOW, advocate for changes to prevent sexual harassment. She is a Global Ambassador for the UN Global Compact Cities Program and a member of the Federal government’s Forest Industry Advisory Council.

She has been a director on a range of boards including an independent private school, a leadership school, chair of a women’s enterprise development organisation and Deakin University’s Academic Advisory Board for International Studies.

Her awards include the Golden Target award from the Public Relations Institute of Australia (1995), Telstra Business Woman of the Year (Victorian private sector 2001) and the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll (2003) for her contribution to women’s rights. She has been listed in Who’s Who of Australian Women from 2007.

Katherine commenced her working life as a journalist for The Age and The Australian and has appeared as a commentator and expert on several current affairs programs such as Q&A and Tom Switzer’s Sky Business. She speaks regularly at conferences and forums on many issues, bringing new perspectives on public affairs, corporate ethics, innovation, drivers for change and social licence to operate.