Our people

We have a talented team of problem solvers, the best and brightest in their fields of interest and expertise. They are delivery and results-oriented, accountable, partnership-oriented, innovative, enterprising and committed to clients' needs.

The skills of the team include: risk management and communication, community and stakeholder engagement, change management, proactive issues management, sustainability, biodiversity, corporate responsibility, futures analysis, psychology, sociology, media and human rights.

The sectors we’ve covered include: banking, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, media, agriculture, international relations, government and NGOs.

Katherine Teh

Managing Director

Katherine has a deep understanding of and connection with the way a community thinks, and the essence of community expectations. This knowledge led her to develop a unique methodology that, in this new era of instantaneous communication, assists businesses and organisations to access, plan for, and deal with rapidly changing community beliefs and trust. In…

Kristina Ringwood


Kristina has worked as a geologist, sustainability and environmental manager in operational and corporate roles with major mining companies such as Rio Tinto in Australia and internationally. She has worked at an international level with the leadership organisation World Business Council for Sustainable Development; as a Partner in a global consulting firm working with mining,…

Louise Connor


Louise is a professional writer, editor and publisher with a noted skill in speech writing. She has extensive managerial experience, including in staff development, training and mentoring, as well as high-level experience in change management. At Futureye, Louise has worked on campaign ideas to support workers’ rights and has coordinated communications processes, speech writing and…

Daniel Abbas


Daniel is an experienced management consultant (8 years) and technologist (20 years).  He is particularly skilled in business strategy, innovative business models, and building agile organisations. Daniel’s background in business and digital transformation builds on Futureye’s strong understanding of business and an organization’s needs. He has spent many years working with organisations to improve performance…

Brigitte de Boer

Associate Director

Brigitte joined Futureye on the recommendation of a former colleague. In her own words, she was attracted to the work environment at Futureye because of the “dynamism” of the company and its leader, Katherine Teh. While she was initially employed to assist with internal management – heading up learning, development and HR – her role…

Priya SaratChandran

Associate Director

Priya SaratChandran joined Futureye because she was attracted to the company’s values and commitment to the community, together with its demonstrated understanding of business drivers. After a career in human rights, and in business, Priya saw Futureye as the perfect platform for her combination of skills. Priya has seen an increasing understanding in many businesses…

Pamela Kinnear

Associate Director

Pamela has more than 20 years’ experience in policy making at the national level, working in senior roles in government, non-government and research/advocacy organisations. Based in Canberra, she has held Senior Executive positions in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and other Commonwealth departments, research and statistical agencies. She also has a background in…

Piers Gillespie

Associate Director

Piers has worked across the corporate sector, governments, and with a leading international NGO that focuses on the agricultural sector and delivering sustainability through international supply chains. He has considerable experience living and working in business in Asia as well as Australia. Throughout much of the 2000s, Piers was General Manager of Indonesia’s leading public…

Marie-Nour Negenman

Senior Consultant

Marie-Nour understands how positive social and environmental outcomes can improve the profits of businesses and, through collaboration, how these strategies can ensure the ongoing sustainability of business. She brings to Futureye broad experience and in-depth knowledge of business and community relationships and works closely with clients to help their increased engagement with community bring stability…

Luke Sabbadini


Social research that involves genuine and meaningful engagement with communities is what Luke brings to Futureye and our clients. His experience also includes market research, risk communications and an intelligent perspective on issue maturity analysis.  Luke helps organisations and stakeholders achieve a shared understanding on issues, existing or emergent, to co-develop enduring and sustainable outcomes.…

Quinn Lovett


Through his international experience Quinn brings a unique perspective to Futureye, fitting in well with the company’s global consultancy, combined with its focus on the local perspective of issues and issues management. Quinn holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from the University of Melbourne and is experienced in communications, working well with Futureye’s commitment to…

Zach Green


Zach has a diverse background which includes science, negotiation, and entrepreneurship. He has developed messaging and worked with focus groups and activists for the energy sector, agricultural sector, government, the seafood industry, and more. Zach has a Bachelor of Science Advanced – Global Challenges from Monash University, a course that blends science, entrepreneurship, business, and…

Our network of national and global experts

As well as our highly qualified in-house team, Futureye has a national and international network of experts who work with us on specific projects, helping to ensure that every aspect of every challenge is addressed effectively and efficiently. Our clients can be assured that, wherever they are, Futureye knows who to engage and how to deal with issues, enhancing the strategies that help to ensure enduring success.

Here are profiles on some of them.

Steven Münchenberg

Melbourne, Australia

Steven Münchenberg has 30 years’ experience in public policy, working at the interface between business, government and the community. During his career he has built positive change with a constructive and collaborative style. As Chief Executive of the Australian Bankers’ Association (2010-2017), he elevated the ABA from a reactive, issues-management association to a strategic partner…

Fiona McKenzie

Sydney, Australia

Fiona is a human geographer who brings a unique perspective to Futureye. She is respected for her ability to rapidly synthesise complex topics for decision makers and co-design systems change processes with stakeholders. She conducts qualitative research and interviews, facilitating dialogues, undertaking system mapping, providing qualitative scenarios of plausible futures. Fiona has more than 15…

Andrew McLeod

London, UK

Professor Andrew MacLeod is a London-based director of Futureye. He has a track record of leading organisations through challenge, crisis and change and he has experience in governance, crisis communications, geo-political risk assessment, as well as the understanding of dynamics in culturally and economically diverse markets and communities. He brings a genuine diversity of thinking…

Bob Lamb

Bob is a strategist and policy adviser who during his career has developed new approaches to assessing the effectiveness of problem-solving systems in complex environments. Drawing on knowledge of how engineers, entrepreneurs, and other specialists in a wide range of fields have solved complex problems, he developed methods for determining what it takes to hold…

Susan Benedyka

Victoria, Australia

In line with Futureye’s mission and processes, Susan’s great strength is the way in which she uses her highly developed communication and facilitation skills to enable other people’s visions to become reality. She has often dealt with highly controversial and potentially inflammatory issues, designing forums to allow constructive engagement between all parties. She has high-level…

Claire Ellis

Tasmania, Australia

With 35 years’ experience, including 15 years outside of Australia, Dr Claire Ellis is recognised nationally for her strategic work in the tourism industry. She has specialised in a broad range of issues including cruise ship issues, small island management and destination development. In working through challenging issues, Claire has built a reputation for creating…

Professor David Kinley

Sydney, Australia

David is a researcher, writer and teacher, and is an expert in international and domestic human rights law and globalisation. He has worked for 25 years as a consultant and adviser in many countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Iraq, Nepal, Laos, China, and Myanmar/Burma, for many organizations, including the UN High Commissioner for Human…

Dr. Peter Sandman

Brooklyn, USA

Dr Peter Sandman has experience on all sides of debate. He has helped activists to generate interest and instigate change, and he has helped businesses and government entities deal with public controversies that threaten their survival, including oil spills, vaccine scares, hazardous waste facilities, and many others. His work and his innovative thinking have been…

Internships with Futureye

Futureye provides opportunities at various times of the year for final year university students to undertake internships as part of their course requirements. Interns are given the opportunity to work on various client projects dealing with current issues. The internship provides exposure to our methodologies including social licence to operate strategy development, risk communication and crisis management. The experience may include working on client project teams; conducting research and media scanning; working on new business proposals and writing media and communications pieces for clients.

Internships at Futureye may lead to paid casual, part-time or full-time work.

If you are interested, please provide your CV, contact details and a covering letter to: info@futureye.com