Futureye participate in key UN Global Goal events

Futureye participate in key UN Global Goal events

In September 2015, world leaders came together to adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a suite of 17 goals for making a better world that will guide global development over the next 15 years. The goals are considered by many to be the most important agreement of the 21st Century.

In the wake of the ratification of the goals, the case has become even stronger for integrating sustainable development into business. Futureye will be taking part in two key events on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th October, to promote our work in Sustainability, Foresight and Innovation and the launch of our new paper “The age of the curve hugger”.

People, planet and prosperity: Why the UN Sustainable Development Goals matter for Australia Monday 19th October 2015. Melbourne, Victoria

Cate Turner, Futureye Director of Sustainability, Foresight and Innovation will be a guest speaker at this public event organised by the Monash University Sustainability Institute. The event will be an evening of conversation with leading thinkers from a diverse range of perspectives to hear the many reasons why these Goals are so important for Australia, the opportunities they bring for creating a better future for Australia, and how we can all contribute to making them happen.

UPDATE: View the coverage of this event on the “related information” panel.

Business Action on the SDGs: Launch of the SDG Compass for Business Tuesday 20th October 2015 Sydney, New South Wales Melbourne, Victoria

Futureye Managing Director Katherine Teh-White will be a guest speaker and key facilitator at this Sydney-based event by the UN Global Compact, GRI and WBCSD to launch the SDG Compass – a practical guide for business action to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. This interactive forum will introduce the SDG Compass and its five-part framework for business action on the SDGs: building the business case, assessing impacts and defining priorities, setting goals, implementation and communicating impact. Cate Turner, will also be representing Futureye at the Melbourne-based venue and will be facilitating a live group discussion.

For more information on our sustainable innovation paper “The age of the curve hugger”, click the link below.


The age of the curve hugger – a sustainable innovation paper by Futureye