Future You Training: building resilience in times of crisis

Future You Training: building resilience in times of crisis

We live in a time of uncertainty and constant change, that is our new normal. There are many things outside of our control, but we can control how we choose to react to this change.

What if instead of trying to guess what the future will hold, we created it? Sounds great, but HOW can we create it?

The future often feels abstract because we don’t know how to approach it. This course will introduce you to the concepts that futurists – who deal with uncertainty all the time – use in their work. In this first webinar, you will learn about preferable future. If you enjoy it, sign up for the remaining 5 fortnightly webinars in the series for $450 + GST. By the end of the series you will have:

A)   a personal plan for creating your preferable future

B)    learned new ways to think about the future

C)    utilised available tools that you can use to plan.

We will also talk about maintaining resilience when something gets in the way and learn how to put it in practice. Join Managing Director of Futureye, Katherine Teh, and Senior Consultant, Polina Silakova, to learn these critical skills.

Who should attend?

Everyone! You might find this training useful if:

– You would like to get clear about your strategic direction in life

– You’d like to make the best use of the time during COVID-19 and plan ahead

– You have a vision about your future and want to develop clear steps to achieve it

– You want to get some practical tips on how to boost your resilience

– You are curious to know how to think like a futurist!