Addressing the public risk perception blind spot – an introduction

Addressing the public risk perception blind spot – an introduction

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Course description

Futureye specialises in social licence to operate that aligns business objectives with those of the government and the general public.

A social licence is the implicit acceptance of a product, service, company, industry, or government, which results from the ongoing alignment to society’s values. Understanding these evolving values and expectations forms an integral part of risk profiling and strategy and increases certainty and resilience.

Futureye embeds social licence across a range of services, shifting away from reactive practices towards proactive and innovative approaches.

Key concepts covered

A critical part of social licence is the role community outrage plays in significantly increasing both government and corporate risk. This training snapshot will provide an initial introduction to the theory and models we apply to assessing outrage and how these insights inform communication strategies.

Things to keep in mind

This introductory course is offered as a prototype to guide the development of a series of in-depth training modules (including interactivity and rich media content).

The course delivers a high-level introduction to key social licence concepts within a baseline text-based learning format.