Northern Territory Seafood Council

Building buy-in for a new strategic approach

  • Client: Northern Territory Seafood Council
  • Industry: Aquaculture
  • Issue: Create internal alignment from social licence approach

The Problem

The Northern Territory Seafood Council (NTSC) faced a number of social licence risks that were beginning to threaten the seafood industry’s operations. Individual businesses were very concerned, and not unified in how to resolve the challenges.

Our Solution

Futureye developed a process that helped the NTSC understand what the political, regulatory, and social licence threats were and how they could be resolved. The resulting strategy was tested in workshops to build buy-in across the industry and key communication documents were provided to summarise the issues facing.

The Result

Using the new risk communications approach to present a united front, relationships with other stakeholders in the NT are becoming more productive and respectful. Not only that, but the NTSC is now enjoying stronger relationships with its members, who can see the value in moving away from the old ways of combative communications.

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