Gladstone Industry Leadership Group

Multi-stakeholder collaboration to build a shared vision 

  • Client: Gladstone Industry Leadership Group
  • Industry: Multi-industries
  • Issue: Environment and Public Health

The Problem

The Gladstone Industry Leadership Group sought advice and guidance about public health issues perceived to be linked to industrial emissions. The community concerns ranged from asthma to still births and cancer. The Queensland Government initiated a “Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone” study. Five key companies, representing Gladstone industry, commissioned Futureye to develop a regional strategy and implementation plan to address the community’s concern.

Our Solution

Futureye conducted an in-depth analysis of the issues – consulting activists and key stakeholders – gaining an understanding of the full spectrum of current and future risks for industry, as well as strategic opportunities. Futureye then developed the Gladstone community vision, which includes an understanding of community expectations and an assessment of current industry practice as it relates to community relations, media, environmental performance and technical hazard issues.

Futureye recommended establishment of an industry association to complement individual companies’ responses, setting up a constitution, code of conduct and governance arrangements. Futureye also developed the Clean Air Strategy, the Environmental Transparency Framework and an employee engagement strategy to drive environmental improvements and build on regional understanding.

The Result

Activists and key stakeholders wanted industry to be more transparent, engaging and accountable. Futureye’s work led to the creation of a vehicle for the industry to work together to address all issues, communicating with stakeholders. Futureye helped GILG to build their capacity and strategy to proactively and transparently respond to issues of concern. For example, industry licences, plain-English explanations and FAQs, as well as an interactive space for individuals to discuss issues and post questions. The GILG board and members of the advisory committees are committed to working with GILG to introduce change at their own sites across the region.

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