Carnival Cruise Lines

Internal alignment to drive change

  • Client: Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Industry: Tourism
  • Issue: Building internal alignment to regain community trust

The Problem

Carnival Cruise Lines was struggling to regain community trust after swine flu was detected on one of its cruise ships. The New Caledonian government had refused permission for the company’s ships to dock. Carnival recognised that its dependence on all the Pacific Island communities was under threat and turned to Futureye to build its internal understanding of its environmental and social responsibilities as well as the external risks and opportunities.

Our Solution

Futureye researched key sustainability insights and community engagement models and, through detailed workshops with the industry, introduced processes to build an understanding of the new era of sustainability, emerging risks and social licence. Futureye also developed communication models to help the company fully engage with local communities.

The Result

Carnival successfully adopted the new processes and engaged with Asia-Pacific leaders to develop shared-value solutions – this means the local communities now clearly see the value of tourism brought by Carnival. The company also began partnering with local governments and communities and became involved in developing small island ports, with 50 new ports being opened in next five years.
There has been an increasingly positive community attitude to and acceptance of tourism. Carnival has now pioneered the concept of “impact travel” through a new cruise line called Fathom which provides passengers with opportunities to be directly involved in social impact projects.

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