BP Australia

Transforming risks into opportunities

  • Client: BP Australia
  • Industry: Energy
  • Issue: Social Responsibility Framework

The Problem

BP was keenly aware of the problem of petrol sniffing in indigenous communities and employed Futureye to help them develop an innovative social responsibility framework to directly reflect community expectations and specific social and environmental issues.

Our Solution

Futureye reviewed emerging expectations and trends, particularly relating to product responsibility.
After detailed examination and thorough research Futureye confirmed that petrol sniffing in indigenous communities was a potential issue for BP, reflecting increasing expectations that major companies would begin to take responsibility for community health.

The Result

The work led to BP’s decision to create Opal, a petrol without hallucinogens, thus reducing the impact of petrol sniffing. Given the cost of producing this fuel for public benefit, Futureye and BP successfully lobbied for government funding to bring the fuel to indigenous communities.
As a result of this project, BP Australia is respected globally and there is an international demand for Opal fuel.

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