Animal Medicines Australia

Looking at the issue from a social licence perspective

  • Client: Animal Medicines Australia
  • Industry: Veterinary Medicine
  • Issue: Social licence approach to animal health industry

The Problem

Poor understanding of complex issues around animal medicines risked triggering counter-productive regulation that could affect the industry’s capacity to meet animal health challenges sustainably. As the peak body of the industry, Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) wanted to understand its social licence risks in order to mitigate any risks and appropriately position itself.

Our Solution

Futureye’s preliminary social licence research identified that the public’s main concern relating to the animal health industry was the use of animal health products in livestock industries. Futureye developed a social maturation curve on the use of antibiotics in agriculture which demonstrated it was a mature issue and that the industry would likely face stricter regulation in the near future. For AMA this meant there was a limited window of opportunity to address government and activist concerns and make sure that any proposed regulation would be evidence-based.

The Result

During a 1.5 day workshop with AMA and its members we jointly identified additional social licence issues that could form a risk for the industry. AMA and its members completed a series of interactive activities based on our methodology which in addition to introducing the concept of social licence, gave them a good understanding of what the key social licence risks were, why the industry was facing these specific risks, and how these risks were interconnected. Futureye brought together the research and workshop outputs in a findings report that provided high-level recommendations on next steps.

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