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Understanding community protest

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Imagine if you could work with the community instead of around them

Reduce corporate risk with proactive engagement

Effective community engagement is more than just town hall meetings. It’s about earning high levels of trust and public support by becoming an active contributor to the local community. While this might sound daunting and expensive at first, that’s exactly what Futureye makes easy and affordable. We engage the community on your behalf to proactively build your social licence.

Addressing unpopular issues

When you have a potentially unpopular business decision to make, engaging a community that already likes you is a very different proposition to one that hasn’t heard from you. Instead of offering steadfast resistance, they are not only open to listening, they actively contribute solutions. Through community engagement, our clients are able to avoid PR disasters and seize business opportunities that other businesses simply cannot. Just imagine where your company could be if you community did this for you. Better yet, read about our client success stories.

Acting on community concerns is not as hard as you think

We unlock seemingly impossible outcomes to empower your business

Community concerns are driven by predictable factors. This is why concentrating on ‘the facts’ of the project alone often don’t cut through. You need to address the other concerns of the community to begin unlocking solutions.

Done right, community engagement isn’t about ‘pacifying resistance’. It’s about creating active supporters who are emotionally committed to creating a positive solution that everyone can live with.

Imagine how much better off your project could be with Futureye to help you work with your community!

Customer Testimonial

Forward thinking to position on climate change

All leading companies are expected to have a climate change strategy and increasingly take a leadership role. However, it can be hard to find the balance between climate leadership and business as usual.

In 2007, Futureye helped a leading resources company create a new climate change policy and a whole-of-company strategy to drive change throughout the organisation.

Futureye’s communications and “future scenarios” workshops gave the client the confidence and skills it needed to manage risk and seize opportunities in a carbon-constrained world.

Scenarios are now recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TFCD) to help companies engage with climate.

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“The scenario planning exercise stretched our thinking and provided new insights into the interrelationships of climate change, energy security and carbon pricing. An exceptional result: 5/5.”

Senior Manager Environment and Regulatory,

Leading resources company

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