Social licence to operate strategy, governance and execution


Using factors such as skill, knowledge, communication and patience, marching bands are the perfect embodiment of a group of individual elements, each with a part to play, to create a harmonious, positive outcome.

Social licence to operate strategy, governance and execution

Many companies have begun to hear about the need to achieve a social licence to operate.

An organisation enjoys a social licence to operate when it is accepted by society. Without it, no organisation can succeed in the long term. With it, organisations are awarded trust, a positive reputation and brand as well as political freedom to negotiate a positive regulatory context and ability to engage rationally on complex topics.

We cater for clients who are learning about how to achieve it, those who want to ensure they have a robust strategy that can be delivered in their organisations and those who want to achieve a resilient social licence even when tested with a controversy.

When concerns around an organisation’s operations begin to build, it’s critical to resolve the concerns rather than let them flourish. Futureye assists clients to know how to prioritise these issues to protect the organisation from unfavourable commercial outcomes through socio-political, reputational and regulatory routes.

Recovery is not achieved by doing more of the same things better. Traditional public relations approaches, built around disseminating more positive messages, cannot rescue a social licence in decline.

It takes a new approach; one that understands the role of societal values, risk communication, outrage and community psychology to deal with the issues. Rescuing, building, strengthening and maintaining a social licence requires first dealing with the factors that lead to an emotional reaction, then engaging and then reforming.

Futureye’s approach uses a bespoke methodology, backed by half a century of psycho-social research, to produce extraordinary social licence outcomes. We call our solutions ‘real’ because they build a resilient solution in the eyes of all stakeholders for truly sustainable results.

Our services include:

  1. Social licence to operate assessment
  2. Social licence to operate strategy
  3. Social licence to operate execution plan and governance
  4. Social licence capability plan and training programs
  5. Engagement and communication plans that will resolve concerns about activities and build a better reputation
  6. Internal cultural, systemic and organisational changes that are needed to regain trust and the governance process that will be required to oversee this

Social licence to operate assessment

An assessment process that enables the current state of your social licence to be measured. The assessment provides assessment against the 5 cornerstones of Futureye’s methodology: audience, expectations, risk, systems and strategy.


  • Assessment methodology
  • Participatory process
  • Interviews
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

Outcomes for clients:

  • Social licence assessment that provides a 360 degree review of the situation
  • Enhanced capacity to manage risk
  • Ground trothing for strategy development

Social licence to operate strategy

Strategy development that utilises our methodology aims to give the client a full set of options for earning a social licence to operate with different levels of risk taken, different levels of change and investment. The strategy options of reactive, proactive and innovative are tested against plausible future scenarios. A set of cornerstones are selected for the strategy and a roadmap is established.


  • Workshop process
  • Strategy development
  • Scenario planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Change analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Roadmapping

Outcomes for clients:

  • Development of a strategy in collaboration with key internal stakeholders
  • Enhanced ownership of the strategy and ability to work in unison
  • Clarity on the strategy and agreement of roadmap to deliver

Social licence to operate execution plan and governance

The execution plan is a highly detailed version of the road map. It is developed to include key steps, roles, responsibilities and time frames. It features lead and lag indicators and features a scanning service to assess these. The execution can effectively be governed through a steering committee and any pause in the cultural shifts required to deliver are resolved.


  • Planning
  • ‘Making it stick’ framework
  • Indicator development
  • Governance model

Outcomes for clients:

  • Organisation delivers on its objectives


Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

Head of social licence to operate, governance and execution

Katherine’s social licence to operate methodology and problem-solving approach has made organisations more successful in an era of quickly shifting community expectations and instantaneous communication. Her approach integrates public policy, risk communication, and foresight and change management for projects ranging up to $60 billion. With an innovative approach to sustainable development, Katherine has also established visioning projects that have transformed industries and regulatory environments.


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