Risk communications, crisis and resilience


Building scaffolding enables the creation of a trustworthy, strong, supporting framework that allows transparency of the structure within.

Risk communications, crisis and resilience

Futureye’s communications offer is effective and unconventional. Our method is not based on communicating “out” to tell stakeholders, but communicating “with” and engaging stakeholders and the community-at-large. By developing messages that resolve the key questions of stakeholders, we create communications that are influential. We do this because it works to reduce anger, it works at being transparent and honest, and it builds trust.

Our approach earns a social licence, or social acceptance for the operations of an organisation, industry, policy, government or other entity through evolving the two-way dialogue to a point of resolution.

How do we do it?

  • Review issues management systems
  • Develop DAVE messages
  • Plan two-way communication processes
  • Media, government, stakeholder communication plans
  • Develop communication campaigns

Think DAVE, not DAD

This philosophy is underpinned by Futureye’s practical, tried and tested methodology. We call it the DAVE approach. It means following a process of DECLARING dilemmas; ACKNOWLEDGE relevant issues; enVISIONING a future; and establishing transparent EVALUATION systems that drive delivery of the vision.

The approach diverges from the typical public relations orthodoxy, which we call DAD. It usually involves the best corporate heads coming together to analyse their situation, DECIDE the official position, ANNOUNCE it, and then DEFEND it to the often bitter end. Because we understand how outrage in generated, we know this approach tends only to antagonise and aggravate an issue.

Risk communications that calms outrage

This connects directly to our Risk Communications approach, which is premised on a deep understanding of outrage mitigation. This is based 50 years of psycho-social research.

It teaches us that it is dreadful mistake is to assume outrage can be assuaged by technical or expert reassurance alone. Outrage is about emotion not facts, and mitigating emotions requires you to deal directly with the cause of emotions without resorting to trying to win rational arguments. Futureye’s specializes in how to do this successfully.

Risk and social media

We can see how important this kind of insight can be when communicating especially in the Social Media world. Here, the smallest thing can be expanded into a viral sensation in a flash. It’s not only speed that matters in cyberspace, but it is the posture and intent of communication.

Entering into a social media controversy with a DAD posture that is out of step with societal values is a recipe for a pugilistic encounter. Corporate or government reputations rarely emerge intact. Conversely, leveraging social media as a participative conversation space, not a battlefield, can turn the medium to your great advantage.

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