Planning and engagement


The 'Scramble Crossing' in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan is a busy pedestrian intersection. A gathering point of people such as this, requires careful planning and execution in order to create a mutually beneficial outcome.

Planning and engagement

From small groups of concerned citizens to global development initiatives, communities increasingly expect to be involved in decision-making about their future. Successful development and innovation requires more than a technical analysis of the social and environmental issues for attention; it requires the engagement of relevant communities on the issues that matter to them to identify touch-points and trade-offs and bring to the table key decision-makers to co-design, help to implement, and evaluate new initiatives.

This approach goes beyond a consultative process that simply informs communities of planned developments to one that engages meaningfully for a shared vision that is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

Futureye’s approach is to help organisations plan and act from the ‘outside in’ with an eye to the emerging expectations of highly-involved stakeholders, community members or potential customers of a project whose involvement could make all the difference to its sustainability.

Service areas include:

  • Community visioning
  • Social maturity analysis
  • Scenario planning and engagement of critics in collaborative processes
  • Community agreements
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community engagement planning and review

Stakeholder mapping and engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a key element in bringing interested parties along on the journey, allowing them to have their voices heard, and reducing outrage. These audiences may include local communities, activists, regulators, customers and suppliers, media, researchers and academics and others. Futureye can identify the key audiences that are influencing debates and create meaningful engagement strategies to reduce outrage and identify opportunities for collaboration.


  • Audience methodology
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Engagement and mediation
  • Community consultative committee facilitation
  • Interviews and focus group facilitation
  • Practical engagement toolkits


Outcomes for clients:

  • Increased trust
  • Reduced outrage
  • Increased meaningful engagement
  • Lasting consensus creation
  • Communities that can solve sustainability problems

Community visioning

Community’s health and wellbeing is significantly improved when they feel as though they can drive towards an agreed future. The Futureye community visioning process is aimed at breaking the past-present loop that no-one wants to see re-emerge, and to create a new present-future loop that drives towards an agreed future.

  • Community profile
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Community survey
  • Scenario testing
  • Visioning workshops


Outcomes for clients:

  • A vision that is shared by the community and supported
  • Ongoing resilience in social licence
  • Identification of gaps between community perceptions and reality
  • Framework for implementing vision and maintaining community involvement

Social maturity analysis

Futureye Curve which sequences social change can be undertaken with communities in order to assess the key events that have shaped the narrative and collaborate on the implications as well as trajectory.



  • Social maturation curve


Outcomes for clients:

  • Understanding of the maturity of issues of relevance
  • Community alignment on key turning points

Scenario planning and engagement of critics in collaborative processes

Scenario planning creates set of robust future scenarios to explore a range of plausible long-term futures considers likely and potential regulatory developments, technological advancements, commercial developments and changes in social expecations.



  • Scenario planning framework
  • Branchpoints
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Audience mapping
  • Scenario workshops


Outcomes for clients:

  • Thorough understanding of the potential futures
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships to drive to preferred futures.


David McCallum


Head of planning and engagement

David McCallum is head of Planning and Engagement for Futureye, with significant experience consulting on social licence issues. He completed a double degree in Law and International Studies from the University of Adelaide, where he refined his interests in the intersects and disconnects between regulatory permission and social acceptance.


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