• Age of the Curve Hugger

    The Age of the Curve Hugger

    Why society expects sustainable innovation from your business now.

    The ratification of the United Nations Sustainable Development ‘Global Goals’ in September 2015, by 193 countries including Australia, is clear evidence of a global appetite for a unifying vision of sustainable development.

    Futureye has developed a paper “The age of the curve hugger” to unpack what sustainable innovation is and examine what the strategic risks are for companies that ignore the opportunities to collaborate on sustainable development or to innovate using the UN’s framework.


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SLO Handbook

Social Licence To Operate Handbook

Social Licence to Operate is a key business imperative.

Organisations that ignore the voices of activists and their community do so at their peril.

On the other hand, those who put in the effort to gain and retain their Social Licence to Operate enjoy significant rewards.

This brief handbook provides an introduction to Social Licence to Operate and outlines Futureye’s methodology to create a strategy, make it happen and then make it stick.


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Report Title

The Resource Curse

Do Natural Resources Impede Development?

It has often been observed that countries with abundant natural resources tend to have impeeded development. This is known as The Resources Curse… but is it real and how can developing nations address it if it is?

This paper looks at the evidence for and against the existence of a resources curse and proposes a number of guidelines for addressing the issues that may arise.

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Futures. 10.1016/j.futures.2012.10.001

Diagnosing and anticipating social issue maturation: Introducing a new diagnostic framework

This is a paper published in Futures magazine, covering Futureye’s approach to the social maturation curve.

The paper introduces the new concept of ‘social issue maturation’ and associated analytical tools for diagnosing and anticipating this maturation process.  Social issue maturation is defined here as the growth of issue awareness and ownership from a special interest concern to general public management.

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Paying Our Way on Infrastructure - ADC Forum web version v2.0.pdf-1

Paying our way on infrastructure: New approaches

This report is based on the presentation given by the Infrastructure Funding and Financing Working Group (IFFWG) to the ADC Forum National Infrastructure and Cities Summit held in Sydney on 14 March 2014.  Published by the ADC Forum, the report covers the state of infrastructure funding and financing in Australia and, with an eye towards economic, technological, social and political developments, what could be done to improve on this current state of infrastructure funding and financing.

Futureye contributed to this report with chapter 7 “Community engagement: a key infrastructure success factor”.

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