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Welcome to the Futureye Sustainability Diagnostic Tool

Futureye has mapped the curve of societal expectations of companies in relation to sustainable development.  This sustainability diagnostic tool helps you understand whether your organisation is a curve hugger, shaper or diver and what to do about it.

Click here to read more about Futureye’s paper “The age of the curve hugger” which unpacks what sustainable innovation is and examines the strategic risks for companies that fail to collaborate on sustainable development and the opportunities to innovate using the UN’s ‘Global Goals’ framework.

Reactive – high risk

Organisations that fail to meet current stakeholder expectations, or to identify changing expectations, face major reputation risks, legal and financial liabilities. They create risk through either failing to meet, or being perceived to fail to meet, their stakeholder expectations. They are perceived to be acting secretively and are distrusted by stakeholders. They also often fail to capitalise on emerging market opportunities.

We call these organisations “curve divers” because they let the gap grow between societal expectations and performance. This is a high risk approach.

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Proactive – low risk

Proactive organisations have a culture and capacity to manage internal and external stakeholder expectations so there is greater mutual understanding. They implement systems to track emerging issues, understand the expectations of different stakeholders and are consultative and responsive to stakeholder concerns. They have a more holistic understanding of their reputation risks, legal liabilities and opportunities and can measure their progress towards sustainability.

We call these organisations “curve huggers” because they understand that expectations have to translated into behaviours, business models, engagement and communications. This is a low risk approach.

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Innovative – future driven

Some organisations go beyond reducing their risks in relation to stakeholder expectations, taking a strategic and visionary approach to sustainable development. Social, environmental and economic performance are integrated aspects of a cohesive whole for such innovative leaders. They make decisions from a holistic perspective and meet emerging expectations, develop new sustainable business models and concepts to create their competitive advantage.

We call this type of organisation a “curve shaper” because they want to lead and thus will shape the future context for their organisation and the industry’s responsiveness to a more sustainable future. This is an innovative approach.

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Futureye is focused on creating ‘Proactive’ and ‘Innovative’ organisations that have the culture and capacity to not only respond to emerging stakeholder expectations but to also take a visionary approach towards integrating their environmental, social and economic sustainability practices.

Based on the organisational states you have selected above, simply fill in your details below and submit them to us.  We then analyse your responses and provide you with a roadmap for becoming an innovative and visionary organisation of the future.

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