Victorian Coastal Council

Communication, advocacy and engagement strategy 2017

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

The Victorian Coastal Council (the Council), established under the Coastal Management Act 1995, provides advice to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change about the protection and management of the Victorian coast. The project aimed to develop a strategy that delivered on the Council’s fourth strategic priority, ‘Stronger connections, community engagement & advocacy’. Improving the Council’s approach to its strategic communications and engagement was critical to the Council’s role as a conduit between community, stakeholders and government in line with the Victorian Coastal Strategy vision: ‘A healthy coast, appreciated by all, now and into the future.’ The Victorian Coastal Council had 14 months of service left in its term and proposed reform of the Act meant it was likely it would be replaced by a proposed Marine and Coastal Council. The VCC sought advice and strategic direction on how best to manage this transition period in order to create the foundations for the new Council so it had every strategic advantage.

"The Council selected Futureye to develop its advocacy and engagement strategy due to their expertise in advising organisations on how to create and maintain an authentic “social licence”. Victorian marine and coastal management is undergoing a period of exciting reform, and the Council wanted to explore new and contemporary approaches to its role as conduit between community, stakeholders and government. Futureye were responsive and where needed challenging and this has resulted in a strategy that the Council is highly motivated to implement over the next 14 months."

Kate Millar, Strategic Policy Adviser, The Victorian Coastal Council

The result:

Using the insights from desktop research, discussion with council members and analysis from submissions by stakeholders on the proposed Marine and Coastal Council, a strategy was developed that would take the Victorian Coastal Council through the a 14-month transition period. VCC believed it was important to advocate to the public, critics and all stakeholders for a holistic approach to the coast. Through an effective and engaging strategy, the Council will be positioned as a credible enabler of a healthy coast now and into the future.

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