VicForests communication strategy

New Pricing Allocation Model Communications Strategy

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

The newly formed government agency, was required to introduce a new system of pricing and allocation for the State government’s forest resources. Futureye was contracted to develop a communications strategy and provide the VicForests team with coaching and training to reduce the likelihood of outrage amongst stakeholders with the announcement and roll-out of the new model.

The result:

Despite the mandate VicForests has in delivering a new pricing allocation model to the Forestry industry in Victoria, Futureye helped them recognise the dangers of moving forward with the launch of the new system without extensive stakeholder engagement. By identifying the likely causes of outrage and the likely sources, VicForests was able to more effectively manage its communication methods and messages to bring the industry along with it in the development and implementation of the model.   Because the level of fear and uncertainty was diminished through transparent and consistent communication, opponents to the new model found it hard to seek an audience with their message of catastrophe. As a result of phased consultation the media launch of the model was generally well accepted by stakeholders with positive media stories supporting the launch in most areas.

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