Telstra Corporation

Development of a CSR Strategy

Kelly Parkinson


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The brief:

Defining and reporting against corporate social responsibility (CSR) values in a transparent manner are becoming essential business activities for large corporations, such as Telstra. Therefore, Telstra identified the need to develop a CSR strategy that is easily understood by internal and external audiences. The organisation desired a strategy that could be applied across its business units in a consistent, unified manner. Telstra also wanted a time and labour-efficient process for measuring its performance on relevant CSR principles to satisfy its reporting requirements. As such, the organisation asked Futureye to guide it through the development of a CSR strategy and framework.

The result:

Telstra has been able to develop a CSR framework. The organisation estimates the hours needed to gather CSR information required for reporting will drop from months to days using the framework. Telstra has also refined its CSR white paper, which can be circulated internally as a tool to help business units understand the organisation’s CSR vision, strategy and commitments.

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