Creating a strategic corporate responsibility program 2007

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

SEEK had organically developed a range of Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives from its early days, such as SEEK Volunteer and its matched-giving program called Bright Futures. Making a positive contribution to the community is seen as something that is in the company’s “DNA”, however, it wished to gain more value from these investments, prioritise them in the business and to integrate them into a more focused and strategic approach to CR long term.

"Futureye was a great partner for us to assist us to first learn more about CSR best practice and then develop a more strategic approach to CSR for SEEK. Working together as partners in this process helped us achieve the knowledge transfer we needed to take our CSR programme forward.”

Helen Souness, Marketing Director, SEEK Ltd

The result:

SEEK had all it required to develop and benefit from a new strategic approach to CR. The company’s Executive Team approved the three-year plan and work is underway on the priority initiatives and to engage all SEEK staff in their development. In the first year, SEEK reported a number of benefits in aims to grow their volunteer program, reduce their ecological footprint, and increase participation in the Bright Futures program.

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