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Testing and strengthening corporate water policy and strategy

Kristina Ringwood


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The brief:

Rio Tinto recognises that water is a key, intensifying sustainability challenge and has publicly positioned itself as a leader in this space. The company’s executive wished to assess its current water strategy and policies against global best practice. Rio Tinto was interested in knowing how it might further develop its forward-looking water policy and strategy. Futureye was asked to identify the current elements of best practice in corporate water management and water policies, and to review emerging issues and explore what other elements might be part of future benchmarks.

“Rio Tinto developed a global Water Strategy in 2005 that provides direction on the social, environmental, and economic aspects of water management across the company. The aim of the strategy is to position Rio Tinto as a responsible water manager over the longer term. In a recent project, Futureye provided advice to Rio Tinto’s Water Strategy team as we developed a business level water strategy at one of our larger Businesses units. Futureye’s leading and innovative expertise on social licence, and their understanding of the organisational requirements to implement strategy, helped us to better understand our risks and develop a business focussed strategy that is now ready for implementation.”

Kristina Ringwood, Principal Advisor – Water Strategy, Rio Tinto

The result:

Rio Tinto now has a stronger understanding of the gaps between its approach to water and changing expectations shaped by current and emerging best practices. The Futureye process challenged current thinking on water issues and informed the development of a management framework and toolkit to assist the business to improve implementation.

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