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Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

Carnival Cruise Lines is a business dependent on cruise ships (moveable assets) and tourist destinations (assets it is dependent on). Following the detection of Swine Flu on one of its cruise ships, Carnival found itself in a challenging context. Carnival wanted to dock in New Caledonia; however the island government rejected the cruise ship based on the likely implications of Swine Flu on local populations. Realising the Carnival’s dependence on pacific island communities, the company turned to Futureye to build an internal understanding of its environmental and social context and the risks and opportunities presented by the new sustainability era for its business.

The result:

As a result of the Futureye process, Carnival has adopted a sustainability framework and has initiated its engagement with Asia-Pacific leaders on it. Futureye is now working with Carnival to embed its sustainability strategy into a 10-year business plan.

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