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Cath Smith

Associate Director

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The brief:

In late 2012, the Victorian Government was facing significant financial pressures and the governance and financial pressures of providing park management services were under direct review. The Chief Executive of Parks Victoria commissioned Futureye to research the Social Licence to Operate (SLO) of Parks Victoria with its stakeholders and provide a strategic framework for enhancement of Parks Victoria’s social licence with stakeholders and community.

The result:

By ‘bringing the outside in’ and facilitating an SLO conversation internally, Parks Victoria: - stimulated cultural change activity in the organisation, including empowerment of regional leadership roles to integrate the various central requirements with a local workforce that needs to be more creative and more customer-oriented in their thinking. Regional Directors are very enthusiastic about a more integrated approach; - identified opportunities to align with diverse stakeholders around the view that people won’t value or advocate protection of park values and associated biodiversity outcomes unless they have the access to experience it, and hold a sense of confidence that special places are being well managed by Parks Victoria; and - brought the concept of social licence to operate into the centre of Parks Victoria strategy in a context where being perceived as a ‘can do’ and innovative organisation is a vital reputational position for Parks Victoria in working with all visitors, stakeholders and communities.

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