Midland Brick

Developing and implementing a comprehensive plan to manage community and reputation risks

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

Boral’s Midland Brick, in an environment where failure to address risks could threaten its long-term license to operate, recognized the importance of developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for the identification and management of potential community and reputation risks. Futureye was contracted to help the organisation achieve an enhanced understanding of the risks facing it and build its capacity to manage these risks.

The result:

As a result of the risk communication workshop, the workshop participants set a vision for the company for the next twenty years: Midland Brick will be the recognized leader in sustainable and responsible brick manufacturing in 2025 (in Australia). The participants noted a greater understanding of how to apply reputation risk approaches and acknowledged the need to put structure to the framework that emerged from the process. The workshop exercises added to their knowledge of stakeholder concerns and the communication strategies needed to address them. This led to a growing sense of urgency among the team to develop and manage external relationships. Midland Brick developed strategies for community engagement, set 100 actions to complete in the next 12 months and highlighted the need to further identify, understand and prioritise key stakeholders. The strategy components indicated an understanding of the importance of outrage risk factors and the need to involve stakeholders in a strategic manner to mitigate the risks.

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