2013–2018 customer and market engagement strategy 2013

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

In the context of a highly politicised phase of national debate about energy pricing and after the controversial rollout of smart meters in Victoria, Futureye was engaged by Jemena to help develop its 2013–2018 strategy for customer and market engagement, across the electricity distribution business in Victoria and gas distribution network in NSW. A survey and two focus groups were run with staff and a number of one–to–one interviews held with senior executives. External interviews were carried out by Futureye to identify the expectations of the company held by highly involved stakeholders, encompassing a selection of commercial customers (including local government, infrastructure developers and retailers), government and regulatory stakeholders, industry peers and NGO consumer advocates, and what performance gaps existed between actual operations and stakeholder expectations of a world class energy company. In addition, a survey of mass market customers in NSW and Victoria was undertaken, and while these consumers have minimal awareness of the energy distribution sector, (given their primary relationship is with a gas or electricity retailer), their expectations of a distribution business were identified. The results of the research were shared and analysed with an internal leadership group and strategy recommendations developed and written up.

The result:

Over 50 actions were recommended, across four streams (communications, risk and issues management, brand strategy and CSR) and across three time horizons (establish, lead and extend). Feedback from the company six months after completion of the project indicates that the embedding of customer and market engagement is taking hold within the business.

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