Hay Group Asia-Pacific

Develop new futures thinking capabilities 2006

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

Hay Group wished to conduct challenging ‘futures thinking’ workshops, to help its consultants become externally focussed and think longer-term. The project and workshops aimed to explore what the future in 2016 could be like, focussed on organisations and what factors will be crucial to organisational success and catalyse the ability of consultants to have conversations about various possible futures.

“The workshop very clearly met our objectives and provided a great opportunity to take time out and consider the future. Futureye provided new content and perspectives that helped to broaden our horizon.”

Helen Scotts, General Manager, Hay Group Asia-Pacific

The result:

The process gave participants a richer sense of the rapidly changing context in which Hay Group Asia Pacific and its clients’ operate. The exercises and workshops also provided a rare occasion for the team to think together, on topics rarely discussed, and provocative consideration on the future of key industries and sectors. Hay Group is planning to take this ‘strategic foresight’ process to the next level by collaboratively thinking through the specific implications for its core practice areas.

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