Goulburn-Murray Water

Assessing the Future Direction of Water Services Committees

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

Futureye was commissioned by Goulburn – Murray Water (G-MW) to examine and make recommendations regarding G-MW’s engagement with their customers. The aim was to ensure a more effective and diverse level of engagement with customers so that their expectations could be met. Futureye was also asked to examine the challenges to effective water management in the Goulburn Murray area taking into account recent organisational changes and the recent Victorian Government White Paper “Our Water, Our Future.”

The result:

Through working with Futureye G-MW was able to re-shape WSCs beyond the traditional roles and responsibilities of WSCs. The results of the interviews of community members reflected that there was a need for clarity and greater representation of a wider variety of stakeholders in the WSCs. G-MW was able to use the recommendations made by Futureye to strengthen and broaden the role of WSCs to better align with stakeholder expectations.

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