Forest Practices Authority

Industry leadership, community acceptance and political buy in 2004

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

For a decade, the Forest Practices Board was widely recognised as a best practice example of the contemporary regulatory theory of 'co-regulation'. However, the intense public debate about forestry in Tasmania led to calls for higher levels of independence and transparency in forest regulation. Futureye was asked to assist the Forest Practices Board understand how to develop a form of regulation that builds community support whilst retaining industry acceptance.

“Futureye's insight and expertise helped my board appreciate that dealing with perceptions is as important as dealing with the hard science. Futureye helped the board re-assess its regulatory approach, which lead to major regulatory reforms.”

Graham Wilkinson, Chief Forest Practices Officer, Forest Practices Authority, Tasmania

The result:

The workshop was a true turning point for the Board, deciding to recommend major reforms to the Tasmanian Government, including statutory amendments to change the make-up of the regulatory authority. The Board recommended the introduction of a governance model based on independent directors to replace the existing representative model, which was perceived to have inherent conflicts of interest. The changes were endorsed by Parliament, resulting in the establishment of the new Forest Practices Authority on 1st July 2005. Later we worked with the new authority to develop a strategic plan.

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