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Engaging to ensure a social licence to operate

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

Boral’s Linwood Quarry was faced by pockets of stakeholder outrage from a number of fronts. One community was affected by noise and dust, the other was affected by the impacts of blasting. Urban development and encroachment created a new set of concerns and issues to be proactively managed. In addition, the Regulator, concerned with how Boral was managing community concerns, indicated that a lack of social licence may affect the terms of it regulatory licence when it is renegotiated in 2008. Futureye was engaged to interact with Boral’s stakeholders, identify the issues and develop strategies for resolution.

The result:

Our engagement project provided Boral with a firm understanding of the full spectrum of community concerns and opportunities for engagement surrounding the Linwood Quarry. As a result, Boral has a blueprint for future engagement and community development activities. Boral is in the process of rolling out our recommendations.

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