Blue Circle Southern Cement

Business re-enabled and environment respected 2006 - 2009

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

In 2005, Boral’s Blue Circle Southern Cement (BCSC) received approval from the Department of Environment and Climate Change to burn three types of alternative kiln fuels (waste tyres, waste oil and waste carbon dust). Community members concerned about the health impacts of dioxins, and little faith in ‘self-regulation’ formed the Residents against Dioxins group, aiming to permanently shut down the alternative fuel program. In 2006, following public disclosure of license breaches, BCSC’s alternative fuels license was suspended. In 2008, Futureye was asked to provide advice on how to re-gain BCSC’s regulatory and long-term social license in the region.

The result:

In January 2009, BCSC’s licence for burning alternative kiln fuels was reinstated. The communications strategy developed was aligned with BCSC’s commitment to improve its environmental management systems to ensure compliance, and leading practice. With consistent and transparent messaging, senior management was able to build more respect from its critics externally. It was also better able to build confidence amongst its staff – key ambassadors for BCSC’s new alternative fuels strategy.

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