BHP Billiton water strategy

Looking forward to develop water foresight and policy

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

BHP Billiton recognises that water is a key, intensifying sustainability challenge. In response, it wished to develop a forward-looking water policy and strategy. Futureye was asked to identify the current elements of best-practices in corporate water management and water policies, and to review emerging issues and practices to explore what additional elements might be part of future best-practice.

The result:

BHP Billiton now has a much clearer understanding of current and emerging best-practices in water use and management, along with changing expectations. The Futureye report challenged current thinking on water issues and will be used in conjunction with further analysis (e.g.. of water access “hot spots”) to inform the development of a forward-looking water policy and strategy for the company.

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