BHP Billiton sustainable development engagement

Stakeholder-led forward thinking on sustainable development

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

After two years of qualitative interviews and quantitative research on BHP Billiton’s sustainable development reports, Futureye was asked to: Ascertain the effectiveness of the 2004 HSEC Report and opportunities for improvement; and understand and debate BHP Billiton’s strategic approach to human rights and greenhouse gases, and identify gaps for consideration.

“One of Futureye’s great strengths is their ability to critique our approach to sustainable development in the context of their understanding of the sustainability agenda and the perspective of key stakeholders. Futureye’s insights have enabled us to optimise the effectiveness of our consultation programs and mitigate the risk of community outrage.”

Ian Wood, Vice President, Sustainable Development, BHP Billiton Limited

The result:

This deeper engagement allowed BHP Billiton to move from receiving input on its reporting after the fact to enabling stakeholders to lead their thinking on reporting and strategy. The engagement process generated insightful visions for how it could address the greenhouse and human rights challenges.

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