BHP Billiton stakeholder dialogue

Stakeholder Dialogue to Address Key Sustainability Challenges

Katherine Teh-White

Managing Director

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The brief:

For the fourth consecutive year, Futureye was asked to facilitate a stakeholder dialogue process to gain feedback on BHP Billiton’s 2005 Sustainability Report. Futureye used an innovative process, specially developed for the company, which brings together a broad spectrum of internal and external views on how BHP Billiton is progressing in the management of two of its key sustainability challenges: biodiversity and uranium.

“Futureye is passionate about their work and strive to effectively engage diverse stakeholders on critical sustainability issues.”

Jacinta Spottiswood, Manager- Sustainable Development BHP Billiton

The result:

The dialogue process developed by Futureye has been an extremely beneficial tool for BHP Billiton, providing stakeholders with the opportunity to tell the company what their issues are and enabling the company to engage more deeply on the issues of most concern. As well as receiving expert input to guide decision-making, BHP Billiton has received praise for actively engaging with supportive and critical stakeholders on these critical issues.

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