Tom Sweeney

Melbourne, Australia


Tom Sweeney is a highly experienced stakeholder and community engagement professional specialising in social research. During his time as a consultant for Futureye and previously with the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Tom has gained extensive experience managing major sustainability and community engagement projects for a diverse portfolio of clients in international mining and energy, agribusiness, infrastructure, banking, retail, finance and government.


Tom is now focusing on developing Futureye’s research capabilities and service offerings. By combining consulting and project management capabilities with qualifications in social anthropology and qualitative research techniques, Tom brings a unique perspective on engagement between corporate entities and a wide range of stakeholder communities.


Tom believes that the snapshot view of traditional consumer research does not allow clients to develop proactive strategies to improve engagement. However, by applying Futureye’s methodology to research design, it is possible to deeply understand the current situation as well as predict future trends. This approach enables Tom to assist organisations to strategise in a way that pre-empts and potentially mitigates the root causes of issues and threats.



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