Richard Cornish

Melbourne, Australia


Richard Cornish is an award winning food writer whose love of the land lead him to explore the issues around food, where it comes from, how does it get to us and why do some foods taste better than others. He is a senior features writer for The Age Epicure in Melbourne and has co-written four books on Spanish food with MoVida chef Frank Camorra namely Movida, Movida Rustica, Movida’s Guide to Barcelona and Movida !Cocina! and recently returned from a research tour in Mexico.


He recently appeared on the Australian version of Iron Chef on the Seven Network where he chosen for the role as Commentator. He worked for some time a comedy writer for breakfast radio and prime time television before moving across into his role as a television producer.


Richard continues to combine food and creativity and was Co- Creative Director for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2010 and continues to consult to the organisation. Richard is currently working on several books and TV concepts between travel and gardening.


A constant and vocal commentator on food and food politics in Australia he lives in Melbourne with his partner fashion designer Tiffany Treloar, two daughters Ginger and Sunday, and a rambling, sometimes out of control, vegetable garden.



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