Lyndon Ormond-Parker

Melbourne, Australia


Lyndon has over 20 years research experience working with Aboriginal communities. He was born in Darwin and of Alyawarre decent from the Barkly tablelands Northern Territory of Australia. His current research is focused on innovative technologies and Indigenous communities of which he is editor of an eBook Information Technology and Indigenous Communities Symposium.

Lyndon is also is an expert in cultural heritage, education, information technology, repatriation and materials conservation. Lyndon is currently a committee member of the Australian Heritage Council; Advisory Committee for Indigenous Repatriation, Ministry for the Arts; Ormond College Indigenous Program; Oxfam Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reference Group; ANU National Centre for Indigenous Genomics Research Advisory Committee; The University of Melbourne Indigenous Cultural Collections Advisory Group; Indigenous Remote Communications Association Remote Media Archiving Working Party; Monash University Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics Advisory Board; Fellow of the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia; Member of the Rotary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tertiary Scholarship Advisory Committee; Associate Member of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language.




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