Jane Gronow

Melbourne, Australia


Jane Gronow has over 25 years in the development and humanitarian sector, including extensive senior management experience. She has also worked in the non-government sector, OXFAM and for UNICEF and UNAIDS, overseeing development and humanitarian programs in; South East Asia, Russia, South Eastern Europe, the Pacific, Central America and Australia. Her thematic expertise includes human rights, human rights of women and children in conflict, trafficking of human beings, gender and development and HIV. Jane has postgraduate degrees in psychology and education.

Most recently, Jane worked with Rio Tinto as a Principal Advisor for Communities and Social Performance (CSP) from March 2007 to October 2012. In this role she contributed to the maintenance and implementation of Rio Tinto’s CSP policy, standard, guidelines and programs, provided guidance and advice to Business Units globally. Jane was Rio Tinto’s subject matter expert on gender and for the CSP global team on human rights related issues globally Jane provided specific guidance on gender and human rights to business units globally and represented Rio Tinto at many national and international forums. During her time at Rio Tinto Jane was a member of the Rio Tinto human rights working group, and played a role in redrafting the Corporate Policy and Guidance on human rights.

She also led CSP cross-functional assurance teams, which reviewed and assessed an operation or a projects performance against the CSP Standard, which included their human rights performance. Importantly this work ensured there was collaboration and learning with local teams to ensure any gaps were addressed in a supportive and sustainable manner. Jane has also acted as CSP Advisor/ Project Owner team member to a number of Rio Tinto projects including Sulawesi Nickel Project, Bunder Diamonds, and Orissa Iron Ore in India and Jadar Lithium Borate in Serbia

Whilst at Rio Tinto Jane was a principal author on the production of the “Why Human Rights Matters” and was the project leader and initiator of the “Why Gender Matters Guide”. Both of these guides established Rio Tinto as a thought and operational leader in the above areas. She consults widely, and has established relationships with international human rights bodies such as the Danish institute of Human Rights and the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights. Since January 2013, she has worked as an independent consultant. In this role, she is currently the Communities Advisor to Bougainville Copper Ltd and has worked with DFAT, Rio Tinto and others.

Jane adds value to her work and her teams by bringing vision and innovative strategies that go beyond traditional CSP management. She has the capability to acknowledge and integrate the interdependence of gender and human rights in the work of the extractive industry.



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