Elizabeth Thompson

New York, USA


A national of Barbados based in New York, Liz formerly served as the UN Assistant Secretary General & Executive Coordinator Rio+20. In this role Liz was responsible for political engagement with the UN’s member states on a broad range of environmental and global development issues and for supporting multilateral negotiations. This role allowed her to use her academic qualifications and professional experience in diplomacy, policy formulation, sustainable development, energy and renewable energy law and policy, environmental   law and policy, arbitration and dispute resolution, economics and management. She has also served as a “High Level Consultant” to the Executive Office of the Secretary General and to UNDP on sustainable development matters and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. She has worked on international environmental issues, policy and conventions since 1994. As a consultant for the OAS she led the teams that developed the energy policies for Grenada and Dominica and for ECLAC developed the national yachting policy for St Kitts.


As a Minister of Environment of Barbados she led the development of critical policy instruments including the island’s offshore petroleum policy, the sustainable energy policy, sustainable development policy and the national green economy policy, as well as marine and coastal protection and CITES and biodiversity. Whilst this experience as a minister and senator in the parliament of Barbados allowed her to use her professional qualifications as a lawyer in public policy, law, oil and gas, energy, environment, business, and management, she was also able to draw on her interests in matters relating to climate change, sustainable development and renewable energy developed over a career spanning 20 years. As well as receiving the UN’s top award in environment, that of “Champion of the Earth,” Liz is a qualified arbitrator and attorney at law with Masters degrees in oil and gas law and policy and business administration.



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