David McCallum

Melbourne, Australia


David is head of Planning and Engagement for Futureye, with significant experience consulting on social licence issues.

He completed a double degree in Law and International Studies from the University of Adelaide, where he refined his interests in the intersects and disconnects between regulatory permission and social acceptance. These intersects are particularly significant in understanding the role of corporations in sustainable development. David has used Futureye’s WikiCurve tool to map the maturity of society’s expectations for corporations to deliver on sustainable development. As such, he is an expert guide of how to navigate between the legal and societal expectations on sustainable development in a way that protects and builds social licence.

David has experience dealing with angry stakeholders and activists on behalf of clients, developing and testing outrage mitigation messages, running focus groups and engagement processes. He has developed social licence strategies, risk communication solutions, and dialogue mapping. His recent work includes developing the strategy for a chemical company to build a social licence prior to the launch of a new green technology for use in food production, focus groups on the live export industry, and social licence assessments for the sustainable palm oil and dairy industries.



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