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What We Do

As a leading global management consultancy, Futureye provides a set of key service offerings that work to help clients resolve real dilemmas by developing real solutions:

  • Social licence to operate strategy, governance and execution
  • Social research
  • Planning and engagement
  • Risk communication, crisis and resilience
  • Digital dialogue
  • Sustainability, foresight and innovation

Our work processes are designed to be agile and integrated and are tailored to meet each client’s needs and goals through a process of collaboration.

Our Approach

We ensure that all our solutions exemplify sustainable development by satisfying company, government and community interests, meaning our results are technically sound, socially acceptable and ultimately sustainable.

We work to build an organisation’s capacity to think long-term and assist our clients to understand development challenges from multiple perspectives for future generations.

We help to future-proof against the uncertain outcomes of public outrage.

What We Believe

We believe that sustainable development innovation can transform our clients’ businesses to create a future in which they are economically, socially and environmentally successful.

In an era of heightened expectations around environmental and social standards, we believe that organisations can only survive and thrive if they can learn to anticipate, understand and engage with the demands of their stakeholders.

We believe lasting success takes into account the interests of all parties, enabling mutually beneficial co-existence.


Futureye was established by Katherine Teh-White in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia, and has since expanded to a global team of specialists.

Our circular mark represents the strength of multiple points of view being expressed on any problem with the collaboration and interconnection of all parties that are identified. To achieve a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective approach that delivers real solutions to real dilemmas.