Modern slavery is an emerging issue and here’s why your company should act now

By Priya SaratChandran, Marianna Brungs and Hugo Hodge  New laws requiring companies to demonstrate their operations and supply chains are free from slavery are expected to be passed in Australia by the end of the year. Following a year-long inquiry, in December 2017 the Federal Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Aid… Read More

We need to talk about fast fashion

By Isobel Hepworth  The fast fashion business model of international clothing brands continues to fall behind societal expectations as it fails to uphold human rights and corporate social responsibility standards. The fashion industry is widely reported to be the second highest polluting industry in the world, a fact… Read More

Business risk and stakeholder conflict: why does a social licence approach make sound business sense?

By Piers Gillespie and Katherine Teh-White You know that feeling when you read an article which rings so true with your own experiences that you find yourself nodding your head in agreement? ‘Yes, that’s exactly right!’ you may exclaim out loud. We recently read an academic article which struck a… Read More

Foreign investors: forced to swap political patronage for social licence

Opinion by Katherine Teh-White Foreign Chinese investment in Australian property and agribusiness has soared in recent years and is increasingly becoming an emotive issue politicians are responding to with tighter rules and regulation. State and federal governments have introduced tax hikes and tighter regulation for overseas investors as they grapple… Read More

Insights from Futureye’s Fixing Finance by Saving Human Rights Roundtable

When a culture is so deeply ingrained and the individuals and organisations who preside over it are inconceivably powerful and have little incentive to change, bringing about any meaningful transformation can seem impossible. That was certainly the feeling of many who attended the Fixing Finance by Saving Human Rights roundtable… Read More

Sparking the dialogue: Public engagement on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Futureye is looking for partners to initiate and lead an innovative project which aims to address the major challenges around the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in a way that builds societal preparedness for technological change. Futureye’s managing director Katherine Teh-White says the project aims to spark Australia’s dialogue on this… Read More

Futureye x OurSay: a one stop shop for public engagement

If you want to know how your organisation can make the most of a Futureye x OurSay subscription and consulting services package CLICK HERE. Community engagement is an important undertaking for any organisation but if it’s not done right you face a potentially damaging debate. Futureye and OurSay are pleased… Read More

The public want stronger powers for EPA to pursue polluters

Victorians want third-party enforcement rights to take action against big polluters in case the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) can’t or won’t, according to a new study.  The Environment Justice Australia’s (EJA) community survey found people want stronger enforcement powers for the EPA and for human health to be a… Read More

Following 4Corners report Adani’s PR strategy continues to fail them

Following an unfavourable Four Corners report, Adani Group has launched a Twitter offensive with positive sponsored posts about the mining company appearing on social media feeds on Monday night. The tweets, along with a fiery letter sent to Four Corners, reveal the mining company’s unwillingness to take any… Read More

Rebuilding our banks’ social licence is unlikely

Having received the memo they failed the public credibility test, Australia’s big banks are faced with the difficult, if not impossible task of rebuilding their social licence. First, it’s unlikely they will be getting the right counsel from their public reputation advisors.  The game played by traditional advisors – public… Read More